docklands design

Was this place designed in the 70’s? Look at all that space for cars.

2 Comments on “docklands design

  1. The “caption” accompanying that photograph is a deliberate misrepresentation of the real situation. There is a major rail corridor crossing that street and parallel streets either side with tram tracks and bicycle lanes. The sidewalks are wide and there is mixed use of that land, enabling people to live, work and play locally. If you seek a medieval village, feel free to move to one.

  2. How is that a misrepresentation? This IS the real situation; it’s an unaltered photograph of Bourke Street, docklands, taken last week, that shows extremely poor consideration for vulnerable road users, locals and residents. The parallel streets you speak of don’t excuse this. I seek a modern village – and this definitely isn’t it. If you want L.A, feel free to move there. It’s horrible.