south lawn sun

I feel pretty lucky to have spent 3 years wandering the grounds (and occasionally attending class) at Melbourne Uni back in my late teens. If the proposed deregulation of universities goes through, the cost of a course at an institution┬álike this will increase significantly, to the point where you would really have to make it […]

Autumn at Birrarung Marr

It’s a beautiful time of year to get out into Melbourne’s parks and gardens.


I think there is something amazing about total stillness. Not only is it rare on a planet that hosts thousands of storms and weather systems everyday, but it’s barely conceivable when you consider we are┬áhurtling through space at thousands of kilomoters per second.

Melbourne Docklands :: Twilight Panorama

This is a very high quality multiple exposure image, seen below at 100% magnification. Get in touch to enquire about prints!