Bolte Bridge – Mirrored Panorama ii

See this in higher resolution here.

Melbourne Cityscape

A brilliant sunset was followed by a beautiful twilight last night. This location is not readily accessible at the moment, but offers the best water fronted view of the Melbourne skyline, perhaps with the exception of a long lens shot from Williamstown. There are plans in place to open up this area to the public […]

poor planning

Elizabeth Street used to be my thoroughfare of choice by bike through the city. It never had particularly good bike lanes, and it could get a bit hairy in peak hour, but it is by far the flattest route through the city, has a great exit out to the north, and, outside of peak hour, offered […]

Mark Forbes on Feature Friday

Mark’s work recently caught my eye as having a very Melbourne aesthetic and style. Often in a reflective mood and with considered compositions, he removes distractions and identifies a focal point in his images. Mark is a self taught freelance photographer who calls Melbourne home. Mark enjoys street photography and the events that constantly unfold. “With street photography […]