Dave ii

Dave getting his alleyway on again.

footscray station

Headed out with Dave Carswell and Misho Baranovic for a walk in Footscray, a suburb i had (shamefully) never visited. Didn’t get a whole lot of shots but a very interesting morning.


Cool shirt that

angry cyclist gang

Is it just me or do a lot of cyclysts look angry all the time? Enjoy the ride kids! Maybe they would look a bit happier if they didn’t have to wear helmets? Melbourne is the only city in the world to have introduced a bike-share scheme and retain its compulsory helmet laws.

up close series vi

A long day perhaps for this gent

ROSS HOLMBERG on melbourne street feature friday

This week, the first Feature Friday e-mag interview, where I ask local street photographers about their thoughts on street photography. First up, Ross Holmberg. (For best results, save to your desktop) See more of Ross’s work at holmbergphotography.com.au & flickr.com/photos/rosscova/

me old mate

I see this old gent around Melbourne freakishly often. I’m curious about his life but he seems in his own world, I feel awkward approaching him.




Rolleiflex f2.8

Museum lines

120 Fuji Astia 100 on Rolleiflex f2.8


120 Fuji Astia 100 on Rolleiflex f2.8

Down at the Docks

120 Fuji Astia 100 on Rolleiflex f2.8


120 Fuji Astia 100 on Rolleiflex f2.8