Into the light

Hoddle Street overpass, Collingwood/Abbotsford border

Trench Coat

Collins St., from the hip.

looking in looking out

Collins Street

Passages V

Poncho Poncho Man… Richmond Station. Soon after this shot I was asked to move on by station guards…’Photography on government property is prohibited’. Not cool. More here

Smoke & Coffee

Centre Place 3000

Listening to Whispers

Whispering Wall, Lyndal Jones. A solar–powered audio work for multiple speaker system and listeners Lean into the wall and listen… optimists, catastrophistis, avoiders and sceptics… mutterings and murmurings from a waterwall without water. More here

retro man

You can’t let a guy like this walk past without taking his photo. You just can’t.

4 for 1

Photography by Will Watt

silhouette series vi

Photography by Will Watt